Telegram Bots und Synology

https://localhost/telegram.php?user=1&pass=1&phone=010&body=Hello World&bot_token=TOKEN_API_STRING&chat_id=CHAT_OR_USER_ID

Die Chat ID beginnt mit einem minus zeichen userID’s sind ohne

Die User bzw Chat ID findet man dann wie folgt raus:

telegram.php mit folgendem Inhalt auffüllen:


header("Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8");

define('BOT_TOKEN', $_GET["bot_token"]);
define('API_URL', ''.BOT_TOKEN.'/');

// grab the chatID
$chatID = $_GET["chat_id"];

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CentOS Proxy

System-wide proxy settings – add the following lines to your /etc/environment file:

# vi /etc/environment


To apply these settings without restarting the machine run the following commands on the bash shell:

export http_proxy="http://proxysrv:8080/"
export https_proxy="https://proxysrv:8080/"
export ftp_proxy="ftp://proxysrv:8080/"
export no_proxy=".mylan.local,,host1,host2"

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unswap ESXi 6

unswap available on esxi6

# memstats -r vm-stats -u mb -s name:memSize:max:consumed:swapped
name memSize max consumed swapped
vm.6954 8172 2000 2000 6300

show you swapped size

name memSize max consumed swapped
vm.6954 8172 -1 2000 6300

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NetApp Monitoring Account

useradmin role add monitoring -a api-clock-get-clock,api-disk-list-info,api-snapshot-list-info,api-snapmirror-get-status,login-http-admin,api-volume-list-info,api-perf-object-get-instances,api-aggr-space-list-info,api-aggr-list-info,api-perf-object-get-instances-iter-start,api-perf-object-get-instances-iter-end,api-perf-object-get-instances-iter-next,api-snapshot-get-schedule

useradmin group add monitoring-group -r monitoring -c „Group for monitoring-api“

useradmin user add monitoring -g monitoring-group

source :

File migration and codepage convertion

convert codepage


date > /tmp/dir_netapp_conv.txt
for i in `cat /tmp/for_convert_dir.txt`
echo ${i} >> /tmp/dir_netapp_conv.txt
convmv -f iso-8859-15 -t utf8 -r –notest ${i}
date >> /tmp/dir_netapp_conv.txt


date >> /tmp/rsync_dir_list_step_by_step.log
for i in `cat /tmp/dir_list.txt`
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CIFS Troubleshouting

1-      The vfiler name

2-      CIFS shares and path affected

*commands to be run to collect the outputs*

vfiler run vfiler_name cifs shares

vfiler run vfiler_name options cifs

vfiler run vfiler_name qtree status

vfiler run vfiler_name fsecurity show /vol/vol5/doc (/vol/vol5/doc is the share location and/or folder being accessed)

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